Commercial and Contract Grade outdoor Furniture

Not all outdoor furniture is suitable for Commercial or Contract use, here at Posh Garden Furniture Centre we specilaise in high end quality designer Garden Furniture which is suitable for heavy Commercial use backed with a commercial use warranty.

We have seen it many many times where standard garden furniture is used within a outdoor setting, looks great to start with but isn't designed for the amount of use they get. Rattan products you find wear and tear the worse with arms which have the colour faded to scruffy bits of rattan coming off. Our Skyline Design Commercial ranges do not have this issue as unlike garden furniture the rattan is coloured throughout not just on the top layer, as wear and tear happens the colour is the same throughout the rattan weave and so not noticeable. 

Our Commercial Outdoor Furniture specialist can help you design and create the wow factor your desiring. With Modern Rattan and Teak designs we create your perfect outdoor areas. 

Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Contact our Commercial Design Team to help you make the most of your venues outdoor areas. 

Skyline Design Commercial Outdoor Furniture